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Goethe liebt Italien

German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe traveled through Italy over 230 years ago. His famous notes on this transformative travel, “Italienische Reise”, were published 200 years ago. Due to this anniversary, in October 2016 I followed Goethes footsteps all the way from Munich to Catania (Sicily) together with Italian writer and colleague Andrea D’Addio.

Different than Goethe we travelled by car and instead of almost two years we spent roughly two weeks in Italy. Nevertheless it’s been an intense experience, melting historic and present Italy as well as German and Italian culture, and leaving me – just like Goethe – transformed.

You can find out more about the project, led by the “Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino”, on our facebook page @GoetheliebtItalien, where we both published our own views and stories on each stage of the trip.

We’d also love to publish this as a book, if anyone is interested in helping us, please contact us anytime.