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At the end of June 2017 we traveled to wales to shoot campaign images for the new bike brand RONDO. It’s been a cold, wet and foggy ride through all the british weather there is. here is what happened behind the scenes.

Siddura Wine Sardinia

“Siddùra” is the name of extraordinary wines from the heart of the Gallura region in Sardinia. Driven by passion and dedication, the close knit team of “Siddùra” creates unique and beautiful wines, which they understand to be a gift from nature itself. Their work is a tribute to their island, its purity and traditions. As a result you can taste the ambition of the makers and the soil of the heritage in three white and four red wines.

In case you’re interested to read more about the region Gallura, hope over tothis article of mine (German only)

Elixr coffee

“Elixr coffee” in the heart of Philadelphia puts all its effort to bring you the best possible coffee experience. Evan Inatome, of japanese heritage and surfer by heart,  keeps searching for the best unique and exquisite coffee. Your coffee will be served in a cup without a handle – to experience the pleasure of coffee more intimately, maybe a little reference to the asian tradition of the tea ceremony.

Evan is also involved in “Double Knot”, where he naturally is responsible for the coffee part of the deal. Double Knot is a great coffee + pastry place by day and a heaven for fusion food + drinks by night.

Some more words about my personal meetings with Philly’s People, you can read here or some more infos on the city of Philadelphia over here (yep, both German only)

Simeone Foundation Philadelphia

Dr. Fred Simeone is a retired neurosurgeon in Philadelphia, who loves racing cars and their stories. In the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, “you can see the evolution of the race car as the result of seven decades of the “spirit of competition” by walking through decades of racing history while looking at gems like a 1927 Bentley, Carroll Shelby’s 1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe or the “Hippie Porsche” how Simeone himself names the 1970 Porsche 917 LH in his collection.

If you’ll ever make it to Philadelphia, take your time to stop by at the Simeone Foundation!



SOLO is an Italian street artist, who reinterpretates traditional superhero characters with his work. | London 2015

“While parents should be role models for life, superheroes remind a child of the moral compass necessary to navigate a universe fraught with thrills and dangers. They remind us to be strong and have willpower.”

Pala Fruits I

“Pala Fruits” by Zona Dynamic |  Documentation of the 7 day laboratory for artists to collaborate, analyse and create media installations investigating the hierarchy of our perception.

“Pala” is the name of the isle in Aldous Huxley’s utopia “Island”. It is the “illustration (of) what could be done in a community if it were built on the premise of goodness politics instead of power politics”.